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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Alonissos' Cemetery overlooking the water

my new friends Petros and Nikkos

Traveling on a plane with my man regularly means being ashamed of his giggling/ laughing to tears over the most stupid movies I usually manage to avoid in New York. A year ago, traveling back to Europe I had to watch Thomas (yep, that's his name) clap his hands with a bright smile on his face for 98 minutes while he was watching Meryl Streep and her 3 boyfriends dance around and sing on a Greek island. (by now, I fear you all know what movie I am referring to).

Well... I spent 10 days on the island in August. No exactly that island but the one next to it in the Sporades: Alonissos. To get there is hell (11 hour flight from New York/ 3 hour bus ride / 5-6 hour ferry), but once you've arrived you're in heaven. There was no electricity in the house and day after day I started to let my hair loose, walk bear feet, drink Resina, eat tiropita like there is no tomorrow... in other words transform myself into a hippie.

A real vacation.

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