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Monday, October 5, 2009

Ah Paris!

Last week my friend Cécile went to France for a wedding.
Air France lost her luggage and she was left with a nice envelope full a AF' cash to make up for the "inconvenience". As a result Cecile, back in New York, arrived at a party last Friday dressed with the best clothes ever. People say French women dress better, this is not a myth. It's because they have great-almost affordable- brands that even New York does not have. (I'm not complaining New York, I'm just stating the truth). Among them: Maje and Sandro.

So, guess who's going to Paris tomorrow hoping Air France will put my suitcase on the Hong-Kong flight?  Needless to say, my luggage will be full of the clothes I was planning to give to the Salvation Army.
Mom, you can start cooking that incredible chocolate mousse. Dad, it's time you open those 1979 bottles of Bordeaux. Camille, please clean your room before Wednesday.


  1. quoi?? Air france m'a aussi peru ma valise mais je n'ai pas eu droit au ca$$h!
    Ou est le bureau des reclamations???

  2. love the 2 brands you mention. great day to evening style. works for me.

  3. And the irony is: they shoot their look books/brand images in New York!

  4. Zadig & Voltaire also but they have stores in New York.
    You should check out the MERCI concept store boulevard Beaumarchais while you're in Paris

  5. Hello Alice !

    let me know what you think about Merci if it's your first time there ...!!

    Your blog is really interesting, goes straight to my blogroll, great discovery !

    the factualist

  6. WOW Cecile is one lucky woman, we got nothing when we missed our Xmas in Paris because AF couldn't get a missing piece for the plane, and sent us home again the next night...
    Factualist: I loved MERCI - posted about it a few months back. There's a mini store in NYC as well - I haven't visited it yet.


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