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Friday, October 2, 2009

Top three

Having dinner with some good friends the other night the subject came to movies that inspired us or left a huge impression on us while growing up. We all made our own list, didn't agree every time but it was a fun conversation and brought some great movies back on the table. So here's my top three along with a few pictures:

1) Singing in the rain
2) The Wizard of Oz
3) Death on the Nile

Please share yours with me.


  1. Singing in the rain is definitely in my top 5.
    Haven't seen Death on the Nile, but will add on my Netflix queue asap

  2. Ive sadly never seen singing in the rain but I loved the motown version of the wizard of oz - the wiz. Along with the wiz, my other top favorites that left a huge impression on me were ET and The Elephant Man.


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