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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mermaid Audrey

Recession 2009 is hitting me big time...
so I've decided to exercise more and go swimming at lunch time everyday and relax. I go to one of New York's recreation centers. It's perfect for me: it's recession proof with a $75 year fee, and a 10 minute walk from home and work. My good friend Audrey decided to join me in this "body makeover" before the summer. I was thrilled to have a friend joining me, thrilled... until she appeared with her Halle Berry look at the pool. While I'm wearing a $50 Speedo, she's wearing a magnificent white Eres bikini. She has this long brown hair and looks like a mermaid when she swims. Sometimes, in between two laps, I have the secret hope she's going to start a synchro show. It hasn't happened yet but I'm hoping. Now, in defense of my Speedo, I have to say that I am much faster than Audrey when it comes to laps and I wonder who will look in best shape coming June 21st.

1 comment:

  1. I want to go with you! I'll try to join next week.
    Promised, I'll wear a speedo too!! Maybe we could try out a speedo-synchro show??


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