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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wall Paper? Wall Sculptor?

How would you call this?

Before I comment on this, I first want to say how big of a fan I am of Anthropologie. It's not that I buy very much over there, it's just the experience in their stores that is amazing. They've created such an individual and very recognizable brand image. I have this routine: a weekly trip in one of their stores nearby my office just to check out the new display windows and the inside installations. Very inspiring...
This week, they have this kitchen/bakery installation where they've created this real bread/real muffins/real scones/real baguettes wall paper... or wall sculptor I should say? My first thought was ahhhhh cool and took a picture for my "what inspires me" folder. Back home, I didn't feel so great about it anymore. Don't get me wrong, the concept is great... it's just the idea of food hanging on a wall I think.


  1. Yeah...not a huge fan either (and god know I love bread - or Anthropologie for that matter). I guess it reminds me of the posters that were so much en vogue in the 80's/90's (at least in Clermont-Ferrand) - which showed all the kind of pastas in the world (or all the breads for that matter).
    The bread looks good though. I could eat it directly from the wall.

  2. I remember these posters! They even had the postcard version (less intrusive) - I had one on my fridge in Brooklyn so I wouldn't forget the shape of a croissant from home (Paris).
    I have to agree though. I can't imagine what kind of insect colonies would appear in less than a week. But still love Anthropologie. Great website, great catalogs... Definitely a reference!


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