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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I've been wondering how to stay in style this season without spending money. On the left side, coming from this April's British Vogue, the casual weekend look... perfect opportunity to bring back your khaki Bermuda shorts, your "Desert boots" by Clarks you haven't worn since High School as well as your double sack bag from that same time period. The white shirt you have (if not, what are you still doing in front of your computer!?), the belt as well, and the hat... it's optional but a Panama hat will do the trick (you know the one you wear at Roland-Garros every year). On the right side, the casual weekday look... don't tell me you don't have black pants and a white t-shirt? Now, what you may not have is those two-tone shoes... I've done the research for you: the cheap version is at Steve Madden, they have a pointy version for $59.99 and a round toe version for $79.99 (go with the round toe version), the more expensive version is at Ruppert Sanderson for... well a lot more money, not very "recession spirit". If you don't have any money to spend on the shoes, a pair of white leather ballet flats by Repetto will be fine. Now, the accessories: don't be shy about all the jewelry, it's part of the look. They have great necklaces and bracelets at H&M, Top Shop, even cheaper at the Jewelry Cafe Inc on Broadway in New York. Now that I've given you a few tips for this season, I'm waiting for yours. And please send pictures along here...

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