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Monday, April 20, 2009


...and fabulous woman spotted at the MOMA yesterday morning.

When I grow old(er), I think I want to look like this woman. I'm sure she used to dress exactly the same in her 30's and why should she change her style just because she's getting older? She has it all figured out. Because you can't go wrong with black and the embellishments are just over the top: big necklaces, a hat of course and a pop of color with her handbag... same color only mine will be from Hermès (by that time, I'll be able to afford one). I think I finally found my mentor.
oh! and the sunglasses...


  1. love the hat xxxLili

  2. But Alice, you didn't say anything about the shoes... You above all, it surprises me. Or maybe you've been in shoe rehab ?
    Cool blog !
    Love from Paris

  3. She reminds me of my former boss (around 80). If you saw her you'd definitely take a photo of her as well. Always in black, fabulous jewelry, and always funky accessories (bold colors or crazy patterns).
    A true inspiration!!

  4. Ladies like this make me love new york!! And realize getting old doesn't have to be so bad :)


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