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Friday, May 1, 2009

July 4th Wedding

It's raining today, still May 1st which means we're entering Wedding Season... If you're the bride and you're getting married during recession 2009, well... good luck! You should maybe have a look at a few blogs like a $10 000 Wedding, or $2000 Wedding...
For the other ones, the real lucky ones, attending the wedding and planning on having fun, like me, I've done some research. I have this wedding on July 4th (seems like a lot of people are getting married that day). I think it would be appropriate and patriotic to pick the right color palette and rise to the occasion. Obviously, I can't wear white (or could I?...) which leaves me with red and blue.
Option #1: Bright Red $90 Wrap Dress from Topshop, with $79.99 J.Crew high-heel slingbacks. Option #2: Navy Blue $90 Ruffle Dress from Topshop, and a $69.99 pair of metallic blue sandals from J.Crew.
Concerned about the length of the dresses? Yes, this season we are showing our legs, because we haven't been swimming everyday for nothing and it's time to cheer our own troops.


  1. Men will be thankful

  2. love it! I tend to prefer the red one though. I really need to go to topshop. And I am glad I have been working out every day for the past...well...month. Will keep on going!

  3. I agree, I'm more of a red person. I have the feeling the dress is online only...

  4. You can find sexy silky red / orange / blue dresses from BCBG spring '09 runway collection. Higher than the J. Crew budget, more betw. $250-$350, but with one of these dresses at a 4th of July weeding you can be THE most sparkling firework of all.


  5. La Rouge !!!! Mon Lisson tu seras canon!! bisous


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