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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Daddy's little girl

A while ago, when my 3 sisters and I all lived at home with our parents we had this contest.

On weeknights, we all knew that between 8:00 and 8:30pm my father would be back from work. The second we would hear the key in the door, the hallway would become a battlefield. The four of us would run, run as if we were running for our lives... to be the first one to "kiss welcome" our Dad. While we were running, we were also screaming, tackling and catching each other's poneytail. He might have been disappointed not having a son, after obviously trying so hard... But I doubt sons run evening after evening, year after year, relentlessly the way the four of us did.

Truth said: we were all Daddy's little girl...

My father's birthday is May 20th. To make sure he would get his gift on time this year, he planned a little trip to New York with my mother to spend some quality time with me (or so he says...). People, the pressure is on! I need to find a great gift for my Dad's birthday. And NO, we are not thinking recession gift, I want to treat my father. If I asked him what he wants he would say:1)a nice drawing or 2)for everybody to get along (which we do) or 3)grand kids. Let's agree that none of these are gifts. I thought about a 12 minute helicopter tour over Manhattan with my mom during their sightseeing but I'm afraid he doesn't like helicopters, or 3 nights in a nice B&B in Cape Cod over Memorial Day weekend but I'm afraid he won't accept that kind of a gift. So please help me with your ideas! I need to find the greatest gift for one of the 2 greatest men.


  1. il a raison ton père sur ses idées cadeaux, elles sont tops! pourquoi tu lui offrirais pas ce super texte et tous les comments qui vont avec? Il aime quoi ton daddy? Une édition rare d'un livre qu'il aime? un poster de son groupe préféré (à retrouver sur le net)? deux places de concert à broadway ou pour aller écouter des pointures de jazz à NYC? il aime la cuisine? un super restau? un cours de sushi à partager tous ensemble? love, lili

  2. Tough one. I did get my father a helicopter ride (with me), and he did love it.
    I like Lili's idea of the top jazz players if he's into jazz!
    I think an "experience" rather than a "thing" is great. If I have ideas, I'll post again.

  3. I agree with you... I think an experience is often more memorable than "another" thing.


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