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Monday, May 11, 2009

Jennifer Cecere

When I was in Art School in Paris and dreaming about what my life would be like... I thought I would be a painter or a sculptor, living and working in a loft space in New York, surrounded by talented artists/friends. I would be working on very unique pieces, getting shows all around, awards of course and great reviews from famous critics.

This is not my life (except I actually am surrounded by talented friends), it's Jennifer Cecere's.

Yesterday was the opening of the State Fair-Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens were Jennifer has 3 amazing pieces hanging in the trees. My favorite piece being the 20' white doily: it seems the piece always belonged there and at the same time it was great to see how the contrast between the green and the white made it stand out. There was definitely a lot of wind yesterday in New York and it was very special to see the doily dance. I can't wait to see more of Jennifer's work at that same scale. Congratulations!

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