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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yvonne is in town!

(Tim Walker Photography)

When you live in New York (more often than if you lived in Mulhouse) your friends will come visit you. That is what's happening to me tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after and... My good friend Yvonne* a.k.a La Princesse au petit pois is arriving tomorow for TEN days. So if this happens to you, here are a few ideas to make sure everybody is happy and your friendship remains a friendship**.

1) give her a set of keys right away
2) call in all your single male friends and make sure she meets them the first day
3) pretend you're a sport addict (pick sports she wouldn't even consider trying out) and each time you feel a tension: go to the pool, to a ring, hop on your bike... no she won't be up for a quick 20 mile loop at 8:00am
4) leave early to work, you won't have to fight over the tiny bathroom
5) prepare a list of all the sight seeing highlights of the season
6) ......
7) Heeeeeelp!! Please send me your precious tips here

I think it's time you give back a little after what Quatre Cinquieme has done for you. Quatre Cinquieme needs you. Thank you.

*I had to change her name just in case she reads my blog. But even if she does, she confessed yesterday she doesn't understand half of what I'm writing: I'm safe. **Don't get me wrong, I truly and deeply love Yvonne. And this for the past 18 years.


  1. Here's one: pretend you really don't feel well - high fever, muscle pains, sneezing & coughing should be your symptoms. The downside is that you'll have to wear a mask and will only be able to leave when Yvonne is out.

  2. I love Yvonne already...

  3. we love and want our "Yvonnes" to some an visit us, we just need some tricks to live our normal life next to all our visits..


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