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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coney Island

I took Yvonne to Coney Island yesterday (how brave of me)... She sort of behaved. It took her about an hour to get ready and still managed to forget to put sunblock on.

We took the F train and went straight to the New York Aquarium. First, there was a sign that the walruses were "off" (they probably went to Manhattan for the day). Second, a class of 30 kids arrived at that same time. So we ran off and went for a walk because the amusement park wasn't opened yet. We sat on a bench and started talking the way only two good and old friends do. Meanwhile Yvonne still hadn't put sun block on. Then, we went to Brighton beach for lunch, sat at Tatiana's terrace, ordered a bottle a Sauvignon blanc to a Russian waitress who understood English as well as Yvonne does, ate a "Russian salad" that was as Russian as I am.

Yvonne took a little nap on the beach while I was taking pictures of people around. Asked a man if I could take a picture of his daughter, he answered I could take a picture of his son... Decided it was time to take off and look at the Cyclone from a bit closer. Yvonne chickened out when we were about to purchase $8 tickets for the roller coaster ride. She got into a fight with a man at a stand (clearly taking advantage of tourists), threatening her to call the cops.
That's when I decided the day was over. We quickly headed back to the train station.

We had a great day. Yvonne got back safe to Manhattan with a lobster tan and tank top marks. As for myself, I'm just hoping my pictures will turn out well this time.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you're such a great friend!!
    Cannot wait to see the photos (fingers crossed)


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